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Who is Behind Vikasibrs?

I am Vikas Kumar who is someone’s son, brother, friend, best friend, enemy, love, world, dream, hope..and so on.. and I want to find the way to become the ideal to all of them.

Want to know more about me?

Let’s talk about my educational background, I have completed my Graduation from VKSU Ara in Mathematics subject. Actually, I wanted to pursue computer science but because of some issues, I didn’t take admission to engineering college.

I was advised by neighbors big alder and parents to do graduation and prepare for the government exam and be settled in life. But In reality, I was not satisfied with what I was doing. I used to ask why should I get a government job? I was very uncomfortable to see government job workers’ lifestyles. I used to observe that they are working for money only, not talking about any ideas or improvements. (Sorry, Maybe I was wrong in some cases.)

Well, I invested my 4 years (after graduation) in preparing government job, and luckily I was not selected in any final exam. (In many exams, I was selected for the first round but not selected in the final round.) I used to prepare for graduation-level examinations.

STOP! STOP! I forgot to tell you that computer warm born in me when I completed my Intermediate degree and took admission in CMC (HEAD START – 150h) course where I learned basic computer knowledge. After that, I met Ranjan sir who taught me PHP & MySQL. Not only this, but I was also being active on w3schools and tutorialspoint and learned many simple languages like CSS, XML, jQuery, Bootstrap, and many more.

Now, start talking about what I did after graduation. Well, As you know, I started preparing for government job exams and along with this In 2016, I started the information-based website k***j***.com where I share useful information in my part-time. I didn’t know that article posting on a website is called blogging 😉 Well, I started blogging on multi-niche. I didn’t know about SEO, keyword research, backlink, on-page & Adsense also.

Yes! I didn’t know even about Adsense when I started my first blog. When I knew about Adsense, I did some research and found many Adsense earning calculation articles. That was the fun and exciting day when I read an article something like – Write 500 article and If one article gives 1$ then 500 articles give 500$ daily. (Note: I never reached 500$ daily 😉 )

As I told you that I was doing blogging part-time. In September 2018, I sold that blog to one of my friends (we met at the EarningLab event). At that time that blog was making approx $ daily and sold in $$$$. The reason for selling that blog was, I was not able to concentrate on that blog and study.

Meeting with Dhruv
(Sunny & Dhruv) New Website Owners 😉

Well, I was studying hard for the government job and spending 14-15h in the library. Seriously, Time was passing like a rocket. I was preparing for SSC. but in 2018, There were many cases of paper leak and seat manipulation. We did protest & strick at CGO complex Lodhi road. I was really irritated with the exam being postponed. I moved to my house from Delhi and spend almost 7-8 months at home and waiting for the next SSC exam but It was delaying.

SSC Protest Paper Leak in 2018
SSC CGO Complex (May 2019)

Finally, I said to my parents that It’s too late and time to explore my own world. It was a really tough time to tell them that Gov Job is not for me. I’ll hustle in the private sector where learning is infinite. I moved to New Delhi in August 2019 to pursue my dream of making umpires in the digital world.

I went to the brother PG in Gurugram and held for 2 months. I analyzed the field and decided for SEO to enter the digital field. I was exploring Facebook DM groups and found amazing mentors in the DM field. At that time, I started many side projects (Niche based websites). Again, I meet with Dhruv. He helped me all the time. I went to his office to meet him. He works at night. Seriously, I become ill after working two nights with him and decided I can’t work on the whole night because that was not my habit.

I always wanted to work with Dhruv but Gurugram was unhealthy for me then I decided to move from Gurugram and get the job somewhere in New Delhi to learn something first.

I attended many events in 2019. I met Jatin Batra & Prince in DomainX event. Both are mind-blowing and supportive guys. I took their mobile number casually (I never thought that I will be in his same PG after 1 month where Jatin living). Finally, I found this guy from my field and call him to meet him. After discussion, I shift to Laxmi Nagar PG. Thanks to Jatin.

All the above are trailers. Now, Main Journey started. I applied to 20+ DM agencies for the internships and get 4-5 interview calls. And I can’t forget my first interview in Noida, sector 16 (Can’t reveal the company name). I made my resume in 30 minutes (At that time, I hadn’t any certificate to showcase. I showed them my live sites that were getting 10K+ traffic per day) and sent it to HR. They called me to the office. I reached there and waiting for my call.

After 10min, HR came and said to me to sit down. I was a little nervous. She asked for a resume. I forget to take the printout of a resume. (Note: It’s my first interview. I didn’t know what to bring and speak.). Well, I learned a lot from this interview. I faced 5-6 interviews in that month and was not selected in any.

Finally, I analyzed that a Certificate is the first impression to the interviewer. So, I was searching for offline mentors and found a Shashank SEO guru. I joined his offline class and learned local, technical & international SEO and got a certificate. Now, I applied for many internships and got many calls.

And on the final day of the certificate, Pranav Sir give reference to the Sambodhi Research & Communications Pvt. Ltd where they were needed an SEO intern. So, I went there for an interview and got selected for 3 months Internship from 8 January to 31 March 2020. I learned & implemented SEO on their project. They assigned me the off-page activity of one of their Entertainment website.

I have given my 100% to grow that website. I made high-quality backlinks and request each spammy site for backlink removal (Previously someone made directory backlinks that’s why 36% spam score showing in MOZ), guest posting outreach, new post bookmarking and interlinking. And finally, the Spam score becomes very low in 2 months of natural backlink indexing.

On 31 March, My SEO internship contract ends.

From April to now, I got many certificates and started many niche sites for the experiment.

That’s my story till now.

Note: There are many things to tell but I think that’s enough to tell about me 🙂

Something About Vikasibrs.com?

Vikasibrs means VIKAS (INDIA BIHAR ROHTAS SASARAM) – my name with complete address. 😉

Actually, I was searching for my name domain but did not found. That’s why I go with a username that I used in almost all social media accounts. I grabbed this domain from Dynadot (I got a good deal from this domain provider) on 8 October 2020.

Thanks for your support, my dear lover. 💖